Tori Spark + Calamento

Presenting the title track of Tori Sparks’ seventh album, called ‘Wait No More.’ It was recorded live on September 14th, 2018 at Luz de Gas in Barcelona. The album is her third collaboration with flamenco fusion trio Calamento, and the maestro of the electric guitar, El Rubio, as well as special guest artist Alba Bioque (Glass Mountain Records, 2019). ———— WAIT NO MORE ‘Wait No More’ Live Album Recording Featuring: Tori Sparks – Voice/Guitar Alba Bioque – Vocals El Rubio – Electric Guitar Pepe Camacho – Spanish Guitar Ramon Vague – Bass Javi Garcia – Cajon Directed by Kepa Gainza Cameras operated by Kepa Gainza, Luis Rebori and Jorge Martinez. Sound recorded and mixed by Andres Giraldo. “Wait No More” – Lyrics and music by Tori Sparks. All Rights Reserved. A Glass Mountain Records/Tori Sparks Music Production Special thanks to Debi George, Senen Armengol, Alicia Rodriguez, Miki Ortilles, Marta Saez, Thembe Fashions, Marta Saez, Peluquerria 89.9, and Luz de Gas. Guest artist Alba Bioque’s new album is called ‘Alvorigen.’ Pick up a copy on Amazon.… ———— WAIT NO MORE By Tori Sparks Oh Oh Oh don’t make me wait no more I pray for lightening I pray for rain I pray for the phone to ring And you to speak my name I keep the phone on the table Keep the table by the bed I keep the receiver Right next to my head The receiver and a razor Right next to my head Back broken from the burden I carry around It’s knowing that my love is running All over town Time eats away steel Stone and wood At me while I’m waiting For you to make good I waste away waiting here For you to make good Oh Oh Oh don’t make me wait no more Oh Oh Oh don’t make me wait no more You are like whiskey You are like pills You are the fever That’s making me ill Oh but the fever dreams They are just so sweet So if I die before I wake Lord take me If I die before I wake Won’t you Lord I am high on the pain Black wings white sheets I fall down drunk on sorrow Right here in the street ‘Cause God is in the details And the Devil is too Both are at the gates of hell Calling for you I am at the gates of hell Screaming for you Oh Oh Oh don’t make me wait no more Oh Oh Oh don’t make me wait no more I can’t stand it no more babe No Oh Oh Oh don’t make me wait no more Oh Oh Oh don’t make me wait no more ———- Subscribe for more videos from Tori Sparks Keep up to date with Tori Sparks: Like Follow Subscribe Follow Visit ———— For news, tour dates, press, bio, and other adventures, check out or Order the vinyl record of the live album ‘Wait No More’ online:… Glass Mountain Records is celebrating 14 years of making fiercely independent music. Happy Birthday GMR!

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