Rebecka Sandberg “Erotomania”

Recorded by Apek Films. —

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— Thanks to Per-Anders for the cool location! —

Lyrics: Verse 1

You know I’d do anything that you asked me to cause I don’t love anything in this world except for you I’d put her in the ground if you asked me to because the love that we found is the only thing that’s true Chorus I’ll burn down her house Just to show you that I can I’d do anything that you ask me if you would be my man Come on and give me one more chance I’d do anything you asked Set her home on fire And then you’ll be my man

Verse 2: I don’t smoke but I keep matches and my heart’s on fire And out of the ashes our love will rise Don’t need no angels singing for us tonight Cause those above, they are strangers and the fire will keep us warm

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